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Haute Viva

Aged Elegance Oxidized Cowhide Apple Watch Band

Aged Elegance Oxidized Cowhide Apple Watch Band

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Welcome the warmth and timeless elegance of the Aged Elegance Oxidized Cowhide Apple Watch Band, exclusively curated for the Prestige Harmony Collection by Haute Viva. Meticulously handcrafted, this watch band champions the unmatched sophistication of genuine, oxidized cowhide leather, blending the stately charm of eras gone by with the discerning aesthetic of the modern gentleman. The oxidation process naturally ages the cowhide, revealing a rich, deep patina that narrates a story of enduring elegance and timeless adventures. Every wrinkle, every soft, supple bend in the leather underscores the meticulous handcrafting that goes into each piece, assuring that your band is distinctively yours. Securely encasing your Apple Watch, this piece doesn’t merely hold time; it tells a tale – a tale of discerning taste, refined craftsmanship, and a spirit that appreciates the melding of ages. With Haute Viva, you are not only embracing a product; you're aligning with a lifestyle, where the age-old and the contemporary dance in harmonious balance, constructing a narrative of luxurious elegance. Envelop your wrist in a legacy of craftsmanship and step into a narrative that transcends time with Haute Viva, where luxury is not just seen; it's experienced.




Material: first layer of cowhide
Size: 49MM 45MM 44MM 42MM
Thickness: 4MM
Length: 125MM+75MM
Color: polished old color
Workmanship: handmade
Clasp: stainless steel


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